Adult, teen and kid orthodontics in the heart of Budapest, at Astoria.

Balla Orthodontics Clinic is proud to be a trusted provider of Invisalign clear aligners and Damon braces. In our extensive experience, these innovative systems represent the forefront of orthodontic technology, offering patients unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. We recommend both Invisalign and Damon braces to our patients seeking exceptional orthodontic care.

Dr. Laszlo Balla


I am Dr. László Balla, a pediatric and adult orthodontist. I have been working exclusively in orthodontics for over 20 years. I have worked in London, Rome and Milano. I speak English, Italian and Spanish.

I hold an MD degree from the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Dentistry.

Judit Börcsök

Dental patient coordinator

I have always worked with people in all my previous jobs. I love assessing people’s needs so that I can help, provide information or even give the “DoctorDent experience” to everyone with maximum attention.

Viktoria Kamilli

Dental hygienist

I received my dental assistant degree in 2017. I also completed the dental hygienist course in 2019. In my work, I strive to create a calm and friendly environment for our patients.

I like all areas of dentistry, but orthodontics is closest to my heart. There is nothing more rewarding than when someone leaves the clinic with a big smile.

I believe that patients should be welcomed by a cheerful, kind, and smiling team, which will make the time spent in the clinic much more pleasant.

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At DoctorDent, every single employee is incredibly kind and always in a good mood. I enjoyed coming here not only because of the professional team, but also because of the clean and beautiful environment. In the end, I was even a little sad that I had to remove my braces. Keep up the good work, I highly recommend this place to everyone.

Adrienn Molnar

Here, I felt first time in my life that I was not just a patient, but THE patient! We decided on every step together and my opinion always counted. I could always count on their professional teamwork and knowledge. I am grateful for my smile and the care!

Peter Kancsar

I received gentle but effective treatment in a calm atmosphere, accompanied by a correct and helpful attitude, at a fair price.  I was always sure that I would get an answer to all my questions. I came to like the whole team over the years.

Angelika Kaulics

I have known Laci for a long time. He is very good at his job and he is a very funny person. He always explained to me what would happen and what he would do. At first, I was worried that the braces would hurt, but iI barely felt anything.

Mira Flanek


The length of orthodontic treatment depends on how many teeth are concerned, and to what extent they need to be moved. The active phase – when the braces are put on – can last up to 1.5 to 2 years. The subsequent retention phase can last another 2 years, but at that time removable braces are usually worn.

This depends on many factors, but largely on the complexity of the orthodontic therapy and the type of braces chosen.

The placement and activation of braces is not a painful process, but rather just an unpleasant sensation. Mild pain, pressure, and sensitivity may occur in the days following the placement of the braces, but this usually goes away within one week as the body gradually gets used to it.